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About Us

The Hepas Air Purifier was conceptualized and launched in 2020 by CosyCool, a dedicated team of Singaporeans who have been specializing in sanitization and disinfection of Aircons since 2013. 

While going door-to-door to service the Aircons of everyday people like you and I, we realized that there could be a big improvement in the quality of air in our homes. We also noticed that space was an ever-growing concern too and took note of this in the design of our product.

Being home owners ourselves, we decided to make a difference by adapting our expertise in disinfection to bridge this gap. This is how our Hepas Air Purifiers came to life.

Our aim was to bring powerful air filtration systems into the homes of our customers, friends and families at an affordable rate... And we're glad to say we have succeeded with the launch of the HEPAS Air Purifier!

Here's a picture of us and our happy customers :)

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