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5 Ways To Get Clean Air At Home

The quality of the air you breathe can have a big impact on your health. Studies have tied poor air quality to lung cancer, strokes and heart disease! In fact, air pollution causes 3.3 million deaths worldwide each year, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

However, did you know that the air in your home is even more polluted than the air outside? Research shows that we spend most of our time indoors (especially during this time...), which is all the more reason to start cleaning our indoor air!

There are numerous reasons how our indoor air can be polluted. Some such as building materials, electronics and furnishings can release pollutants more or less continuously. It doesn't help that our little Singapore continuously experience the haze from our neighboring countries.

We here at Hepas Air have prepared a few tips that can help you protect you and your family's health from polluted air at home.


Tip #1: Open Your Windows!
It's simple and free! Simply open your windows as much as you can a day to alleviate the accumulation of harmful air pollutants in your home.

Tip #2: Take Your Shoes Off Outside Your Home

Thankfully in Singapore most of us practice walking barefoot at home, compared to most American homes. The dirt outside can carry some really bad stuff: pesticides, fungi, bacteria or even dog poo! 

Tip #3: Run the Air Conditioning (AC)
If you have an AC, it would most likely have a air filtration system that would pull air out of your house, cool it, and pump it back in. Most systems have a filter that you need to change regularly, and that filter can trap particles while it cools your air. The more you change it or clean it, the better! 

Tip #4: Air Out Your New Furniture

When you get your new BTO or home, be sure to air your new furniture as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be found in the glue, paint, fabric and construction materials of the items. When you purchase that new awesome sofa, know this: It will emit VOCs more heavily at first and then taper off.

To reduce harm to your indoor air, keep the windows in that room open most of the day for the first few months.

Tip #5: Use an air purifier!
And no, i'm not talking about those little ones that you can put essential oils in. If you or your family members have sensitive noses, asthma, or even issues sleeping at night, it might be worth investing in a proper air filter. A mid-ranged one would probably set you back by $250SGD. 

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