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HEPAS Air Purifiers

Protect your home from 99.97% of air pollutants such as bacteria, smoke and dust. A product of Cosy Cool Singapore.

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Filters 99.97% of Airborne Particles






Dust Mites



HEPAS Air Purifier Smoke Experiment Video (Click to play)

Why You'll Love The HEPAS Air Purifier

Quiet and Powerful Air Purification

At only 30dB you'll barely be able to hear it.

Tip: Can be used as a white noise generator for children at higher speed settings.

Smart Home Enabled

Control your HEPAS Air Purifier and monitor air quality indoors straight from your device.

Simple Touchscreen Display and Control

Simple and easy to understand touchscreen controls with real-time display of current air quality (PM2.5 particles).

Clean Air Distribution Rate (CADR)

Built for Singapore homes with a CADR of 200m3 per hour which means its able to circulate air in a typical HDB room up to 6 times per hour.

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Our HEPAS Air Filters

Multi-Layer Progressive Filter Structure

Layer 1: Pre-filter

The first filter layer filters dust particles above 5 microns, including large particles of dust, pet dander, pollen, floating matter and other pollutants.

Layer 2: Modified Activated Carbon

The activated carbon filter acts as the odour killer as it is able to absorb harmful gases such as benzene and ammonia.

Layer 3: H13 Medical Grade HEPA

The HEPA filter filters 0.3 micron particles of bacteria, smoke and dust in the air with a filtration efficiency of over 99.97%.

Layer 4: Silver-Infused Nano-Particle Layer

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I love that i can simply control this from my phone. Pretty worth it for the price as compared to other brands.

I think it is simple to use, not to complicated for a housewife like me. Hopefully my daughter's sinus and other viruses will be gone with this in her room.

Will purchase again!

j*****h (Shopee Review)


I am skeptical about things, first i got referred by my colleague to use cosycool to service my aircon and i must say i am pretty impressed by them.

They recommend this to help improve the air quality in my room. My daughter morning sinus stopped. I am sold! Bought 2nd unit!

g*****6 (Shopee Review)


The delivery was very prompt. HEPAS Air Purifier is really affordable and the setting up is really easy and quick.

I like the built in Wifi function which makes it very convenient with a simple touch on my phone. It’s compact, had placed it in my son’s room. Hope it works for my son’s sensitive nose

j*****1 (Shopee Review)


Prompt delivery, good packaging. compact model. Reasearch online and found the technology used is diff and better. Price very affordable given the quality of the product. love the smart home function

yycjames (Shopee Review)


Looks good, seems to work well. Fast delivery and excellent service. Highly recommend this product.

galileantk (Shopee Review)


Filter came nicely packed and worked well. Great value and will purchase additonal sets for other rooms.

h*****e (Shopee Review)


Good and affordable air purifier! Highly recommended!

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"The biggest selling point of this air filter is that its 30-40% cheaper than similar products."

"HEPAS Air's filter mesh system incorporates a layer of silver nano-particles, together with the H13 medical grade HEPA filter layer and activated carbon filter layer, which can eliminate 99.97% of floating objects in the air."

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"Simply put, the HEPAS Air Purifier is a powerful, mid-range product."

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"HEPAS Air Purifier: Fuss-Free, No-Frills, Affordable Choice that Works"

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